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Tricks to strengthen your WhatsApp Security

I have heard from many people about their Whatsapp account is being hacked. And someone else is accessing and intercepting over their Whatsapp chats, Videos and all other details.

First of all, let me assure you that WhatsApp use a very strong security encryption method to protect their user and all other details related to a particular user. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption technique which is not easy to hack or crack even by a professional hacker.

And if your Whatsapp account is still in danger then here i am to provide you some simple tricks to strengthen your WhatsApp security and overcome from the problem you are facing.

Let me start this tutorial with a little introduction about Whatsapp Application. WhatsApp is a free instant messaging service which use end-to-end encrypted transmission of text messages, images, audio, video and other multimedia.

What is end-to-end encrypted transmission?

End-to-end encrypted transmission means whatever communication happens between you and the other user, cannot be read by anyone else or even Whatsapp. This is because the transmission is secured by a special key which will be only available to the recipient you are sending the message.

It's like; you made a lock and the key for that lock is only given to a particular person.

Then whas is the risk of using WhatsApp?

In most of the cases it has been seen that someone have access to your phone or device. And that unauthorized person reveal your QR code / Barcode generated by WhatsApp application. After that the unauthorized user has access to your account secretly.

But the good thing is that you can safely remove the unauthorized user from accessing your account. You just need to follow these simple steps mentioned below.

1. At first open WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Then tap on menu icon (Icon with three dots).

3. After that select WhatsApp Web.

4. Now your phone camera get active asking you to "Visit on your computer and scan the QR code".

5. Now from any computer open

6. Just point your phone to the computer screen to capture the QR code.

7. And you are done. You can see all your contacts and messages are displaying on your computer screen.

8. Now just click on logout. After you clicked on the logout tab all the devices that has access to your WhatsApp account will also get log out.

Note:The QR Code/Barcode is dynamic in nature. So anyone who have access to your barcode before to login to your account will get signed out from the session. And he/she has no longer access to your account.

In case of using WhatsApp through mobile or other device safety should be your first priority. Some safety tips that you should follow are;

* Try to avoid giving access of your phone or device to any unknown person or even friends.

* It is a best practice to secure your phone or device using a password. Try to avoid using pattern locks which is less secure than passwords.

* Never share any Passcode/OTP or Barcode with anyone, that sent to your phone or device.

Does WhatsApp provide 2-step verification process?

The answer is YES! You can also enable 2-Step Verification on your WhatsApp account to strengthen your security. 2-step verification is easy to setup and hard to crack.

To enable 2-step verification on WhatsApp follow these simple steps :

1. Open your WhatsApp application and click on the Menu Tab, the three dots option.

2. Select the settings option. And click on the 'Account' section.

3. Under Account section select "Two-step verification" option.

If you enable two-step verification then it will be a added layer of security for your WhatsApp account. It will ask you to enter a PIN every time you register your phone number with WhatsApp Application.


Cyber Security Without Peoples Effort is Impossible

Government, Cyber Security Organizations and IT companies are doing their best to protect their users digital information. But if "People" itself will not take part in it then it becomes impossible to completely protect their valuable data. And peoples effort is one of the important aspects of Cyber Security.

Our digital world is very much complex. It combined with Hardware, Software, Applications and other technological devices. IT Companies and Security Agencies always keep their eyes on those hardware devices and software programs to make sure that no one can intercept on user data. But whatever effort they are giving to secure digital information is not enough if a user is not aware of the usage of their digital data.

People should learn about the technology properly whichever they are going to use.

For Example; If a person using social media platform, he/she should know about the general usage of social media and how to keep their data safe on various social media platforms. Like; not sharing personal/private information, not interacting with unknown people and using strong passwords to keep their information safe.

Remember whatever effort government and security organizations are giving to safeguard their peoples digital data will not works completely(100%) without the involvement of the people of getting aware of the rules and facts to secure their information from unauthorized access.


Why you need 2 step verification for your Google account

Google 2 step verification for your google account is a great security feature for protecting your online data that linked with Google products like; Gmail, Google drive, Playstore and others. By using 2 step verification you can not only protect your password but can protect your device also.

And if you are thinking that your password is enough to protect your google account data then your account might be at risk.

There are lots of mistakes we do in case of our passwords. like;
* Using poor/weak passwords.
* Using same password for multiple online platform.
* Writing down our passwords anywhere.

Beside this a hacker can also trick you to reveal your password.

But using two step verification for your Google account can keep those hackers and spammers out of accessing your account.

How Google's 2 step verification work :

When you sign in to any Google product it will ask you for your password as usual. After that a code will be sent to your mobile no. through SMS or voice calls. And this code will be used to verify the genuine user. Even you can use hardware tokens to verify yourself.

So even if a bad guy or hacker know your password, he will still need your phone or security tokens to log in into your account.

And believe me Google is smart enough to recognize you. When you are using the same device to login into your Google account for a period of time, Google recognizes that it is you as the authentic user for accessing the account.

But what if an unknown person log into my account?

No worry. Google has a solution for this problem also. Google will warns you each time when your login details is used on a new device or in an unknown location. Google will also provide you all the details associated with the login attempt like; Locations, which Operating System used to login, on which Application the login occur, IP address of the device, MAC address of the device or other details.

Here you can see how Google will alert you for any suspected login :

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First Digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin : Mining Process, How to Buy, Legal Usage


Bitcoin is a first decentralized digital currency. It is a cryptocurrency that works wihout any centralised organization or government or any single individual. Bitcoin does not have any physical appearance. And it gets stored in your digital wallet directly. This digital currency Bitcoin is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, a people or group of people from Japan. But there is no full evidence about the inventor of Bitcoin. The software of bitcoin is completely open source and people can read and modify the code.

Normal currencies that are in the market like Dollar, Euro, Pounds and others, are mostly regulated by government organizations and central banks. But in case of Bitcoin there is no third party involved in controlling the bitcoin transactions. The transaction process happens in a peer to peer network between the users directly.


How to mine bitcoins

Bitcoins are created as a reward for the process known as mining. Bitcoin mining is an expensive and complex process. Bitcoin mining is done by using your computers processing power. For Bitcoin mining people use expensive Hardware and mining softwares. Also it needs a lot of Power Supply to mine Bitcoins. Generally Bitcoin mining is done with the help of CPU or GPU(Graphics Processing Unit). CPU mining can be done with the help of your personal computer. But the mining process is made complex by setting some algorithms into it. The machines need to solve some mathematical problems based on those algorithms. So Graphics Cards are used for increasing the speed of mining. The speed of the mining system is measured in Hash Rate as MH/Sec, GH/Sec or TH/Sec. So the higher the Hash Rate the more you will be rewarded.


Some of the example of Bitcoin mining machines are FPGA Bitcoin Mining, ASIC(Application-specific integrated circuit) Bitcoin Miners.

The people or systems involved in mining are called miners. It is said that Bitcoins are secured by those miners. These miners are awarded with bitcoins for verified transactions. And after a verified transaction occurs in the network, it gets recorded in a transparent public ledger, known as Blockchain.


The Blockchain is a distributed database that record and store all the information about the Bitcoins that are travelling into the network.

Visit for more information on blockchain.

How to buy and use bitcoins

You can buy bitcoin using Dollars, Euros and other currencies. The Bitcoins are stored in your digital wallet directly. And you can purchase anything in the internet using those bitcoins. Also, there is no hassle of paying tax to the government.


But remember there is no authority or government organization involved in verifying your transactions using Bitcoins. So if anything goes wrong you cannot blame or complain to anyone. It is your own risk of using Bitcoins.

Is bitcoin legal in India?

Indian Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitly clearly said in his budget speech of 2018;
"In 2013 RBI and Government of India already announces that Bitcoin is not a lawful legal tender. And protection is not available for it. Also in 2016 an inter Depertmental committee was set up and warned users who are using Bitcoins for illegal purposes. Currently Govt. has set up an expert group to examine the virtual community based cryptocurrency Bitcoin."


On Data Privacy Day, here are 10 tips to secure your data

Today 28th January, 2018 is the international data privacy day. This day is observed in every year and it was at first observed in 2007. The purpose of the data privacy day is to aware people about protecting their data online and offline.

As an IT professional today I am sharing with you 10 tips to keep your data safe.

Never Share Your Personal Information :

Do not share personal information on the Internet. It is a best practice to keep your information private whether online or offline. Especially never share your personal details on unsecured websites, gambling websites, lottery websites, survey forms or through unsolicited mails.

Always Use Strong Passwords :

People never give importance to their passwords. Mostly people choose a very casual passwords which can be a big warning to data security. Here i am sharing with you some rules for stronger passwords.

Never use names or easily guessable characters in passwords.

Never write down your password anywhere.

Always use a strong password which is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase characters, special characters and numbers.

Always use at least 8 characters in your password.

Purchase and Use only Authenticate Hardware Devices :

Beware of using a low quality or unknown brand hardware devices. Whenever you decided to purchase a computer, laptop or phone, make sure it is of a well-known brand. And before purchasing your device read all the details about your device. Also collect and compare information about the device from various shops or online retailers.

Avoid using free Wifi Networks :

Try to avoid using free or public wifi networks. Because cyber criminals can use various tricks to steal your data when you are accessing the network. Especially never access to your financial data when you are connected with a public wifi.

Beware of Malicious Applications :

When installing any application on your computer or phone check about the details of the application. Whether the application is from a trusted source or check about the company that build the application. When installing apps on your phone always careful about providing access permission to the apps. If it is asking for unnecessary access to any data then the app might be a malicious applications.

Always Keep Backup of your Data :

Always keep backup of your data on a external storage device. Because there are many malicious applications that can hack or delete your data. For example a Ransomeware can hijack your data and demands money to recover it. So it is a best practice to keep copy of your data on external storage devices.

Encrypted Data is always Safe from Security Threats :

It is not safe to store your id's, passwords and personal details on your computer,  laptop or phone. But when you encrypted your data, it can't be read without decrypting it. It means the data get converted into a unreadable form and only be read by a decryption key that only you know. So even if the data mistakenly goes to a wrong hand it cannot be read.

Avoid Accessing any Phishing mail or Links :

Never response to phishing advertisement or mails. Most of the people leak their private information by using phishing links. Remember never share your name, Id, Date of birth, address, bank details or any personal details by responding to a phishing link.

For example, If you get a mail from unknown source about winning of money and asking for your bank details to send the money, then it might be a phishing mail. Always try to avoid this kind of phishing mails and report it to the right authority.

Keep Your Devices Locked :

Always keep your devices locked. Because you store information in your device about you and your friends, parents, relatives etc. So it is always important to safe guard your information from unauthorized access.

Use Pin, Fingerprints or password on your phone or PC to secure your data from unauthorized access. Remember pattern lock is not a secure technique to lock your device.

Use Antivirus Software for your Device :

It is recommended to use a good quality antivirus software for your phone or PC. Because when you use a updated antivirus software it will help you to prevent against latest malicious applications and will keep your data safe.