Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Gmail messages can be read by External Apps

Do you know your private emails on your Gmail account can be read by the third party staffs? If not then just take a look at this article published by BBC News: Gmail messages 'read by human third parties'

Though Google confirms that it is not against their security policy but, some security professionals states that it will be a real risk for the users in case of maintaining their data privacy.

Let’s check if you have given access to read your personal email to any external company.

Check up your Google Account: App with Account Access

You can easily check up whether you have given any kind of permission to any external app for accessing your data.

From your signed-on Gmail account click on the profile image at the top right corner. Then just click on “Google Account”.

Now from your google account control panel click on the link named as “Apps with account access”, it will under the "Sign-in & Security" features.

You can see the below image that underlined the exact link.

check google apps with account access

After clicking on the “Apps with account access” link you will see what apps have been linked to your Google account.

If you have allowed any external app to read your Gmail messages then, your personal emails may be read by the account staff of these apps.

But there is nothing to worry because the good thing is that you can revoke access from those external apps with just a click.

How to revoke access from External App

You can revoke permission from any App that you already provided just by clicking the “remove access” button against any app.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

How to activate Two-step verification on WhatsApp to improve Account Security

So do you want to activate 2-step verification on WhatsApp? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn everything related to 2-step verification process and how to activate 2-step verification on WhatsApp. We will guide you step by step for activating 2-step verification on WhatsApp.

two-step verification on whatsapp

2-step verification is a account security feature. By activating 2-step verification you can secure your account with both your password and phone. And the most interesting part of 2-step verification is, it keeps the bad guy out of your account access even they get access to your password.

Why you should activate Two-step verification on WhatsApp

If you activate two-step verification on your WhatsApp acoount then it will be an added layer of security for your WhatsApp account. When you activate two-step verification, it will ask you to enter a PIN number every time you register a new phone number with you WhatsApp account.

Steps to activate two-step verification on WhatsApp

  • At first open your WhatsApp application and click on the Menu Tab, the three dots icon top of the right side of your WhatsApp app.
  • From the drop down menu click on the settings option.
  • Now go under the Account option. And Under Account option click on "Two-step verification" and press enable.
  • You will be asked to enter a 6-digit pin. Just Enter and confirm your PIN & click next.
  • And after confirming your PIN, you will be asked to enter an Email address which will be used to reset your PIN in case you forgot it and also to safeguard your account.
  • Now after finally entering and confirming your email your Two-Step verification will get activated.

You can also disable Two-step verification if you already activated it on your WhatsApp account.

To disable Two-step verification you just need to click on the "Disable" button under the two-step verification option on your WhatsApp account.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

What is Cyberbullying | Where and How Cyberbullying Occurs?

In this post i am going to tell you about Cyberbullying, a online bullying or cyberharassment that is increasing day by day on the internet. Also i will discuss about How and where cyberbullying or cyberharassment happening and how to stop or get rid of cyberbullers.

Many times we saw that on the internet a group of people or individuals are threatening or harassing a person to break down his/her self-esteem. As an effect, the victim might get frustrated, disappointed or even sometimes committed suicides. These types of harassment on the internet is called as cyberbullying or cyberharassment. And there are more than thousands of people are facing various threats or harassment every day on the internet.


Cyberbullying is mostly happening on social media sites, through text messages or via emails.

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Cyberbullying involves posting rumors, threats or hate speeches, posting private pictures and personal information about a person through Simple text messages (SMS), online social media platforms (like; F.acebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter), chat rooms, forums, game community or where people mostly get connected to share or view content.

Cyberbullying happens in almost all kind of digital devices like; smartphones, desktop, laptops or tablets.

Cyberbullying or internet bullying is an aggressive and intentional activity where the attacker or the bad person/persons is/are called the perpetrator. A perpetrator(attacker) can target a victim to post rumours about the victim, posting vulgar comments or posting sexually oriented things about the victim, which may or may not be true.

Sometimes the perpetrator might be a hacker who can hack victim's account to act as the victim and posting wrong information about the victim.

The most common places where Cyberbullying occurs :

1. Social media like;, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

2. SMS(short message service) sent through devices.

3. Instant message applications like; WhatsApp.

4. Email platforms.

The effect of cyberbullying can be from bad to worst. A victim might get frustrated, emotionally weak, angry, depressed or even commit a suicide.

Researchers say that attackers target those people, who cannot easily defend himself or herself in public or social media.

In most of the cases, cyberbullies are anonymous. They might create fake accounts and comments as their target on social media.

stop cyberbullying

The best way to avoid/stop cyberbullying is, never get involved with those cyberbullies. And if there is an issue about leaking your private information, it is best to inform trusted cybercrime departments as soon as possible about the activity.

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How to Create a Strong PASSWORD for your Online Accounts

So do you want to know how to create a strong password for your online accounts? If yes then you are in the right place. Here in this post we will tell you some simple tips for easily & manually creating a strong password. Strong password secure your account from the unauthorized person or hackers which will increase the security of your personal information online.

how to create a strong password

If you have not set a strong password for your online accounts you can follow our guides to create a strong password, more than thousands of accounts are hacked due to poor password setup and everyday there are so many news on the internet about financial frauds, Social Media Account hacking & other. So in this guide we will tell you some simple and easy tips to create a strong and secure password without using any automatic password generator tool.

Tips for Creating a Strong & Secure Password

So in this guide we will tell you some simple tips in which you don’t need any automated password generator tool to create strong password for your online accounts including Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and other online platforms on the internet.

  • 1. Make your password as long as possible. And use at least 8 to 12 characters in your password.
  • 2. Use both Capital & Small letters in your password.
  • 3. Use Numbers and Special characters in your password.
  • 4. Never write down your password anywhere.
  • 5. Never use Common phrases, number pattern or keyboard patterns in your password.
  • 6. Always change your default password on your online accounts.
  • 7. Always use different passwords for different online accounts.
  • 8. Never share your password with your friends, colleague or anyone else.

These are the most common tips for creating a strong and secure password. But if you need detailed analysis on the importance of Password and Why you need to create a strong Password? Then you can follow this post: How to Choose a strong and Secure Password

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How Web Content Filtering works to restrict website access

Web content filtering is a very useful method to restrict access to any harmful link or website on the Web. Content filtering can block access to certain websites like; gambling websites, pornographic websites, drugs and child abuse sites, malware sites or links, which may contain viruses or harmful links.

Also, by using web content filtering you can mark any un-authenticate or spam website, and it will alert you every time when you access any marked spam website.

web content filtering

In web content filtering you need to set some rules that can restrict/limit access to any website. And these rules of restricting web content can be applied at various privilege levels.

  • An organization can restrict their employees to access certain content.
  • A school can divide the accessing limit between the students and their teachers.
  • A cyber cafe manager can restrict access to spam websites for their user.
  • Parents can restrict access to certain websites for their child.
  • Even a person(user) can set restrictions or filter to certain websites for his own personal use to avoid accidentally opening of spam links.

Types of Web Conent Filtering Tools

There are various web content filtering tools are used.

1. Browser-based filters

Browser based filters are the most light weight inbuilt feature of any web browser. Sometimes it might requires a browser extension for filtering websites.

2. Email filtering

Email based filtering is a technique where a bag of words are used to filter unauthenticated/unauthorized/spam emails. Bayesian filter is one of the most popular email filtering tool used today.

3. DNS based filter

DNS based filtering done by many tools like Open DNS. Where filter is applied to lookup of domains which not satisfy certain conditions.

There are also other content filtering methods available like ISP-based filtering, client-side filtering, network filtering or search engine based filtering. But URL filtering is still widely used today as one of the popular content filtering tool.

Web content filtering becomes very much helpful to block spam, adware; computer viruses, malware, Trojan horse and spyware. Also, those web content filtering tools are used as a time control software which specifies how much time a user can browse a certain Website.

There are so many content filtering tools available on the internet like; K9, Dansgurdian, OpenDNS, Squid guard/ Squid, Hosts File and etc.

Remember, Web Content Filtering is a technique that helps you to filter certain harmful websites. But you should aware of the fact that as the web is increasing day by day, so neither any hardware nor any software can assure of 100% safety from all the harmful websites.

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How to recover WhatsApp Messages when your Phone Lost

There is nothing more painful than to lost our mobile phone. We store many important things in our smartphones like; personal notes, photos, videos, documents, chat, emails and digital wallets. So it is not only that phone you have lost, there is a chance of leaking your private information also.

recover whatsapp messages

And like smartphones WhatsApp also becomes an important part of our life. We exchanged lots of messages every day through WhatsApp. Every day we transfer many personal messages to our friends, company employee, relatives or to our parents through WhatsApp. So it is very much important to secure our WhatsApp Account in case we lost our mobile phone.

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Here are some cool tips to secure your WhatsApp account when your phone get lost.

1. If you have lost your phone then the first thing you need to do is to block your SIM card.  If the SIM card gets blocked then no one will be able to access your number anymore.

2. Though your SIM card is locked still you can access your account associated with the lost number through a new device. And do it as soon as possible. Because a particular WhatsApp number can only be accessed from a single device only. So if you already started accessing your WhatsApp account then no one else will be able to do that from any other devices.

3. Also, you can send an email to the WhatsApp authority. Remember to mention "lost/ stole: Deactivate my Account" and also mention your mobile number with this. WhatsApp will soon deactivate your account.

Note : WhatsApp authority can only help you to regain access to your account but can't help with recovering the lost device.

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