How to Choose a Good Strong Password to Protect your Online Accounts

Posted by Sdtechi on Friday, April 6, 2018

So do you want to know how to choose a good strong password for your online accounts? If yes then you are in the right place. Here in this post i will tell you some simple tips for easily & manually creating a strong password. Strong password not only secure your account from the unauthorized person or hackers it also increase the security of your personal information online.

how to create a strong password

If you have not set a strong password for your online accounts you can follow below guides to choose a good, strong, secure password.

More than thousands of accounts are hacked due to poor password setup and everyday there are so many news on the internet about financial frauds, Social Media Account hacking & other. So in this guide i will tell you some simple and easy tips to make your password strong and secure without using any automatic password generator tool.

Tips for Choosing a Good, Strong & Secure Password

So in this guide i will tell you some simple tips in which you don’t need any automated password generator tool to make your password strong to protect your online accounts including; Email, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and other online application you are using on the internet.

  • 1. Make your password as long as possible. And use at least 8 to 12 characters in your password.
  • 2. Use both Capital abd Small letters in your password.
  • 3. Use Numbers and Special characters in your password.
  • 4. Never write down your password anywhere.
  • 5. Never use Common phrases, number pattern or keyboard patterns in your password.
  • 6. Always change your default password on your online accounts.
  • 7. Always use different passwords for different online accounts.
  • 8. Never share your password with your friends, colleague or anyone else.

These are the most common tips for creating a strong and secure password. But if you need detailed analysis on the importance of Password and Why you need to create a strong Password? Then you can follow this post: How to Create Strong Password to Secure Your Online Accounts