Credit & Debit Card Fraud Cases: How it is happening

Posted by Sdtechi

Here is the example's of some Credit & Debit cards fraud cases. These cases are example cases to aware people about how the frauds are happening.

Fraud Case 1:

Profession: Own Business
Incident: Credit Card Fraud
One day when I was busy in my office I received a fake call from fraudsters and they introduce them self’s as bank authority. They said I need to upgrade my card to receive reward point. When I refuse to upgrade the card they said I will not receive any further reward points and my card will be blocked. They also claim that they have all the details about my card and other details which they need to verify. After that, I confirm my card details including Expiry Date, CVV and OTP with the scammers. And suddenly I get the alert that a transaction was made from my bank account. When I inform the bank they said they didn’t call me regarding any card upgrade.

Fraud Case 2:

Profession: Govt. Employee
Incident: Debit Card Fraud
I was in my home doing some important work. I received a call about linking my aadhaar with my Bank Account. They said they are from the government organisation. And they already have all my details including name, account number, aadhaar no., phone no. and etc. They said I need to verify a 4 digit code that I will receive on my phone. Actually, it was the OTP for my debit card transaction. And after I shared the OTP I got a transaction alert from my account.

Remember, to avoid such cases never share your card details or personal information with anyone. Bank or the Authority will never ask you about your card no, cvv, pin or otp.

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